Light Sheer Fabrics

When Marilyn Monroe sang I Wanna Be Loved By You, she wore a see-through, silver sequined dress that caused out a lot of reactions back then actually it was such a scandal. Then and there she stated how ‘The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.’ and honestly Marilyn we agree on that. Years later the sheer fabrics are back, and judging by the runway they’re here to stay.

Sheer, skin-bearing fabrics became a major trend after the SS20 and FW20 shows. See-through tops and shirts, barely-there, transparent pieces have fast gained popularity not only across the catwalk but on social media too. All our favorite fashionistas and trendy girls are rocking this see-through look and they’re doing so in style.

Sheer can be a tricky trend to master but we’re giving you few tips on how to master this trend. Sheer works well in pastel shades, giving it a softer more feminine feel than more typical dark hues, also adding a layer of sheer to your outfit In a subtle way makes a perfect everyday outfit.

Embroidered and embellished sheer is excellent for elegant evenings out on the town.

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