Pluto restaurant is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s one of the most, if not the most popular restaurant in the city. The menu is divided into snacks, charcuterie, cold dishes, greens, fish and shellfish, meat, cheese, and dessert. In addition, the restaurant offers a variety of “family-style/share” fixed menus and a great wine selection. The food experience at Pluto is very unique and will definitely be an experience you haven’t had beforehand. 

The service is impeccable – the staff is very professional and knows the standards of good service. Despite the service and food, the crowd of Pluto is very vibrant and the open area of seating gives you a very relaxed feeling. The restaurant features concrete pillars and an intentionally ‘unfinished’ feel; sit at wooden tables, at the long metal bar or at communal marble-topped tables. This relaxed setting makes it easier for people to connect and overall makes you feel like ‘home away from home’. 

A culinary treat you don’t want to miss out on, when visiting Copenhagen!