MEL 7875

Acido Dorado

Set in a nook of a small mountain of rocks, Acido Dorado presents on the outside a long and low chopped and channeled profile with huge mirrored overhangs, hearts, flowers, and 3 colors of acid-tinged metallic gold. This 1400sq ft home is spacious with two matching master suites (each has its own private atrium) and one main room which is glass-walled on three sides with a full kitchen, dining table, and seating area. There is also a sunken back patio with built-in seating, a fire pit, and a bbq. The wrought iron gates embellished with thousands of metallic roses easily slide into pockets and disappear, opening up the entire house to catch the warm desert breezes. This is truly a spectacular house. Acido Dorado is one of two custom houses designed by Architect Robert Stone, both available to rent on Pretty Vacant Properties and Airbnb.