Chateau St Victor La Coste

Want to experience living in a French castle? We have the answer for you. 

Chateau St Victor la Coste is magical. That’s the only right word to describe this place – pure magic. The Chateau is situated in the old village of St Victor la Coste (between Avignon in Provence and the charming market town of Uzes in Languedoc) a village untouched by tourism, forgotten by the time it lays still for centuries surrounded by vineyards and forests. Already from far away, you can see the ruins of its fortified château, the Castellas, high atop a rocky hill overlooking the village.

Chateau St Victor La Coste is completely unique, decorated artistically yet flamboyantly, with an eclectic style it’s not remotely like anything you’ve ever seen before, not remotely like a hotel or other such venue – this is what creates the authentic ambiance at this place.

Just imagine having your vacation in the beautiful medieval castle in the authentic village of Provance, far far away from this century and all its noise.  There are 3 cottages available to rent through Airbnb, so if you are looking for a peaceful and calm getaway,  this is the place for you!