Shoku restaurant is located in Los Angeles and offers a private dining experience with the most innovative menu you would ever experience. The menu is curated specifically for you upon your wishes through the inquiry you make online on their website.

A great example of a unique dish is their ‘sour patch ice cream’ – very labor-intensive to make. Basically, they separate a pound of Sour Patch Kids into their individual flavors, infuse a base for each, and then churn each base individually before layering them all together. In reality, it is five ice creams in one, but this is what makes it unique and magical.  

Through their Instagram page, it has been seen that the singer J Balvin and influencers like @stassiebaby and @sommerray have experienced this unique way of dining. 

Make sure to plan your visit to Shoku far out in advance as the restaurant is typically booked out for one or two months in advance. 

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