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The Ultrafragola by Ettore Sottass

The Ultrafragola mirror was designed by Ettore Sottass in 1970 and is what we call the ultimate selfie mirror. A mirror that elevates your room instantly, whether you are more into the minimalistic design or you like it a bit more vibrant – this mirror has both.

Ultrafragola translated from Italian: “ultra strawberry” is representing the neon pink light you can turn on – so you actually get a mirror and a lamp in one and two different looking mirrors depending on your mood. Further, the design of the mirror represents femininity – the curves of a woman’s body and the long wavy hair.

If you are a design lover, you can’t miss out on this one!

Not to mention, the mirror is chosen by A-listers such as Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid – keep scrolling to see their mirror selfies.